Due Diligence

Provides a clear view on technology, product and team strengths, short and long term weaknesses, strengths and risks. We use our own operator experience resulting in a pragmatic approach and result.

Collect, Scan and Select

Collect, Scan and Select

  • Collect and read available documentation
  • Discover uncovered areas given market, position and maturity
  • Assess risks, strengths and opportunities on main topics
  • Select questions from our database and create interview flows
  • Select interview candidates
One day of interviews

One day of interviews

  • Interviews provides an end-to-end view on how
    things are handled
  • Allowing us to discover risks
    and opportunities in people, processes, product and tech
  • We interview people on all levels of the organisation
  • We like to see demos on tech, product, processes and company rhythm
  • We use commercial and strategic context to look at tech and product
Technology &Product

Technology & Product

  • We assess the full technology and product stack on
    strategic, tactical and operational levels
  • We assess code, infrastructure, testability, scalability, delivery, compliance and security
  • We assess the way technology is created and its lifecycle
    versus cost levels
Analyse & Report

Analyse & Report

  • We analyse our findings, notes and answers from the interviews
  • We write our report including executive summary, risks and advisories
  • We collect a list of high, medium and low risk findings
  • Extensive debrief(s) during a call or meeting with parties involved to ensure results can be used for further execution

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