SaaS Chief Technology & Product Officer as a Service

Access to 40 years of combined SaaS experience at a monthly rate of a single engineer.

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What we do.

SaaS Chief Technology & Product Officer as a Service - 40 years of experience at a monthly rate of a single engineer.

Full-scan & deep-dive analysis

Find out what your scaling bottlenecks are within a week. Have a plan of action within a month.

Hands-on guidance of product & dev

As (ex-)operators we experienced the challenges of running, scaling and balancing a product and technology organisation.

Rescue projects

Sometimes things are on fire and you need the fire brigade.

Recognize any of these SaaS debt & legacy indicators?

Maintenance and firefighting consumes more time than innovation

Losing RFPs and the inability to create demand while CAC is rising

Customer Success’ difficulty to grow existing customers, churn rising

Employee turnover and difficulty hiring technical skills

Customer implementation effort keeps growing just as the number of support tickets

Predictability and ROI for roadmap delivery is (way) off

We are ScaleForce.

We love the dynamics of Software as a Service and enjoy working with entrepreneurs. We like the thrill of growth and would love to see more ideas succeed.

However, in the valley between “being small” and “being big” great SaaS ideas fail because of the inability of the entrepreneurs to bind people that have done it before.

People that help them make the “smart” decisions, based on experience. People that untangle a web of customer requests, pivots, growing frustrations and delays.

Scale Force helps SaaS startups and scale-ups to set their strategy & optimize operations and scalability by offering our combined 40+ years of SaaS founder, Chief Technology & Product Officer experience as a monthly service at the rate of a single engineer.

Wouter Neyndorff

20 years operator experience in SaaS as (co-)founder and CTO

  • Managed and grown international product dev teams
  • Pre-sales engineering
  • Technical due diligence for investors in Europe and abroad
  • Highly experienced in scale-up and topgrading methodology
  • International speaker
  • Mentor/advisor to multiple B2B SaaS companies
  • Previous experience: founder of Insided, Frontrow & PocketInfo, advisor of Whatagraph, Vollce, Vice & others.

Wilco van Duinkerken

20 years operator experience building tech, product teams and big data architectures.

  • Responsible for large teams of R&D, Product & Data Science
  • CTO and (co-)founder of (VC backed) start-ups and scale-ups
  • International speaker
  • Mentor/advisor to multiple SaaS companies
  • Previous experience: Software Engineering, Product & Lead of the Innovation Lab at Trivago, Olery, Holder/BettyBlocks, SoundCream, Opener and others.

The Way we Work.

how we work

Moving commercial needles

By accelerating product & tech.

  • Positive mindset based on materialized results with the right prioritization
  • Roadmap acceleration, improved team alignment and ability to pivot
  • Prevent and overcome technical, product and security legacy & debt
  • Get clarity on your customers need-to-haves
  • Increase employee happiness, retention and make better hiring decisions
  • Migrate normalised or ad-hoc habits to a scalable cadence
  • Product & Development budget and cost management
  • Decisions based on Metrics around product and tech usage

Experience driven

We have built multiple SaaS companies. As operators we have experienced the pain and joy firsthand of many different decisions in regards to tech, product, team and commerce.


We help to grow a SaaS business powered by the right tech, not the other way around. We understand that product and tech execution done right will move the right (commercial) needles.

Truth, no politics

We are doers, not talkers. We handle change with care and a personal touch, based on facts and data. We are not afraid to address the difficult questions at any level.

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