Acceleration Programs

Product delivery teams are often a company’s biggest headcount investment. Our programs enable these teams to deliver high quality products at a fast pace.

Trusted insights

Roadmap (1 to 2 months) 

We have helped many software organizations by re-assessing and validation their roadmap decisions. We guide management and product teams to ensure their roadmap:

  • Considers the needs of Product, Development, Sales, Marketing and Customer Success
  • Considers the Company Strategy or Vision
  • Provides context around the choices that were made
  • Is easy to understand and adapt when new learnings
    come in
  • Provides context around the choices that were made
  • Is validated on all required aspects
  • Is based on reality (and not fantasy)
  • Minimizes product waste (and lost opportunities)
  • Make the roadmap inclusive (considers the needs of all departments) using a common language ($/€)
  • Using business cases as the common framework

Through a series of workshops (spread out across one or two months) we help both management teams and operational teams to create a roadmap that helps them scale.

Strategic advice

Execution (3 to 6 months) 

This program (“Scaleflow”) helps to solve fundamental challenges for software start-ups and scale-ups:

  • Minimizing organizational friction between product management, development teams and the broader organization
  • Balancing scalable tech with the right architecture, product requirements and commercial opportunities
  • Balancing data-driven decision making and qualitative inputs
  • Understanding that teams build the right functionality that contributes to new bookings and net retention
  • Increased productivity and speed of delivery
  • Scaling product and development teams

The program includes hans-on involvement from Scale Force.

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